Introducing Payments with Blockchain
The cryptocurrency for

We have a clear sight for the future. We want to build a cryptocurrency that is perfect for
daily usage, and for everyone. In the future we want to get companies in the mobile wallets.

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Buy Lizus

In the next few weeks we’ll make it possible to buy some Lizus on our website.

Buy some Lizus with iDeal, Paypal and more. We’ll make this possible in February 2018.


We believe mining is a important process in a blockchain, but we also believe in honest
rewards for our miners. Therefore we use Skein as our algorithm.


Lizus will make use of the very popular masternode functions. They will make sure our
network is very stable. We need this to process all payments quickly to make our network available for real usage.

Proof of Stake

Lizus will also have Proof of Stake blocks. You can earn Lizus by just having them in your
wallet. This will be available for the desktop wallets and online wallet.

Mobile wallets

We will release the wallets for Android and Apple in Q1 and Q2. So it’s much easier to make a payment with Lizus.